What is the dream chamber

If in a dream you enter the ward or events occur in the hospital room - get ready for unpleasant events. In the dream books about the chamber it is said that such a dream may be a warning about the commission of a bad deed.

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Ward in a dream
Ward in a dream

Ideomatic dream book

If you are in the ward, your thoughts are not pure. Try to stop thinking about others badly and, especially, to wish them evil.

  • in the ward doctor - you will find the right solution;

  • lying in the ward - much to yearn for a friend or loved one;

  • to be in the ward - the plan will be accomplished, but the chosen path is not correct;

  • chamber in a dream - search for a way out of the current situation;

  • to see someone in the ward — by listening to others, you make a mistake.

Modern dream book

If the sleeper sees that he is lying in the ward, and people are walking nearby - he will have to face difficulties in the workplace. At the same time, feeling sick means that the cause of the problems lies in the wrong actions of the one who sees this dream. Any action that occurs in a dream in the ward is a warning that you need to stop and think about what you are doing wrong.Perhaps by reviewing your actions and drawing conclusions, you can avoid big problems.

Dream Dream Thelomena

  • to stand in the ward - to make a plan;

  • see the hospital room - try not to say rash words;

  • to enter the ward is to make big mistakes that cannot be corrected.

The newest dream book

Such a vision means that the sleeper thinks about the bad, is preparing to harm another person. To enter the hospital ward - to experience awkwardness, humiliation. To see the royal fee, filled with treasures and expensive things - to get a profitable offer that will allow in the near future to improve the financial situation.

Family Dream

If you are lying in the ward and you feel sick, then there will be trouble in your family. Try to avoid them, carefully watching what is happening.

  • enter the ward - get into a difficult situation;

  • to be in the ward with other people - you can count on help;

  • see a doctor in the ward - do not listen to advice;

  • to leave the chamber - to avoid difficulties.

The dream of psychologist G. Miller

If you want to understand why the chamber dreams, remember the details of a dream, what you did, who surrounded you.

  • come to someone - find out about a disease or a difficult situation of someone close to you;

  • lying in bed - get sick;

  • dirty ward is a serious illness;

  • light in the chamber - you can get away with trouble;

  • entering the ward - there is a risk to go the wrong way;

  • a lot of people in the ward - you are surrounded by people who wish you evil.

Esoteric dream book

To enter the ward in a dream is to get sick, and to go out to recover. Leaving the hospital ward means that ultimately the plan will be complete, but it will have to face difficulties. A chamber in which there is a lot of light, dreams of new beginnings. If there are many people in the ward, you will receive a message or a message about the troubles that have happened to your friends. Clean up the ward - solve problems, sue, argue, argue. Many doctors - enemies surround you.

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