What is the guy dreaming of?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 6, 2012
What is the guy dreaming of?

Dreams are a mystery in themselves, there are many interpretations of any dreams from the psychological and astrological points of view. What is the guy dreaming of? The dream interpretation of one or another author will give you his answer to this question. We will consider in the article the most popular interpretation of this dream.

If you dream of a guy who you like, and he is indifferent to you in a dream, and in reality, then this, on the contrary, promises the beginning of a relationship. If you quarrel with a guy who you like in a dream, and at the same time are in warm relations with reality - this is a sign that you may part with you soon. If you are walking with a guy in the woods, holding hands - this is a sign of promising, long and warm relations, be they friendly or romantic.

Why dream of a loved one? First of all, he dreams because you think about him a lot of time in reality, and this is reflected in dreams. This is a sign that your relationship means a lot to you. If in a dream you are kissing your beloved boyfriend in the dark - you are waiting for gossip and condemnation from others.If you dream of a beloved boyfriend who has become indifferent to you, the dream book says that soon your relationship will have to choose between freedom and marriage. If in a dream you say goodbye to him and do not feel sad, then this is a signal that your relationship is not too important for you, and there are many new dates and meetings ahead.

What is the dream of a guy who is not familiar to you? If a stranger is pleasant to you, this is for new meetings, good acquaintances. If in a dream he appeared as if from nowhere - this is a disturbing sign. Perhaps soon there will be dramatic changes in your life, and not the best. If you dream of having an intimate relationship with a stranger, you lack communication and warmth. Better have a party with friends in reality. If a stranger in a dream gave you a place on the subway, kissed your hand or held the door - you will soon meet a pleasant man with gallant manners.

But what is the dream of a beloved boy who kisses another girl? Oddly enough, to discord with parents. If he kisses you, then this is a pleasant pastime and the absence of domestic problems. If in a dream you are kissed on a cheek by a stranger, this is to unexpected pleasant changes.

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