What is the procedure for “happiness for the hair”?

Even the owners of enviable thick and shining hair, over time, notice that their curls are not so bright and elastic, the split ends appear, the hair loses volume and density, becomes dull and makes you suffer a lot from styling.

The reasons for such metamorphosis can be various factors that start from the internal health of a woman, pregnancy and end with the influence of environmental factors - the sun, wind, frosts, tight caps and multiple styling do their job. But how to be? After all, beautiful and healthy hair is one of the main components of a well-groomed and harmonious appearance?

Naturally, science does not stand still, hundreds of different tools and procedures are invented every year, which promise to help the female half of society with their hair problem. The “Happiness for Hair” procedure is one of such novelties, which allows you to quickly and effectively restore the “tired” curls, put them in order after daily stresses and winter avitaminosis.

This procedure is the development of a Japanese cosmetics company, which is made on the basis of Japanese cosmetics Lebel. The whole process is difficult to call simple: it consists of seven stages, so it takes a lot of time, but, according to the manufacturer, as well as many beauty salons that offer this service, the result is really worth it. Is that so or not? Let's figure it out.

What is “happiness for hair”?

One name is worth it! By the way, despite the fact that the procedure is long and, at first glance, difficult, many girls cope with it at home, it is enough only to buy special cosmetics for this.

You can buy it either in stores with professional cosmetics for hair care, which, of course, will be more expensive, or you can directly order it from online stores, which is more profitable, but you may have to wait some time because they deliver it straight from Japan . How do this procedure?

The Lebel kit with the name “happiness for hair” usually includes 8 different means, each of which is responsible for its own stage of treatment and recovery.The whole procedure is performed in three stages, which account for the use of six serums and one mask.

Sometimes the number of masks and serums can vary, but the principle of action remains the same. If everything is done correctly, then the hair from dry, damaged, dull and non-volatile turns into flowing and shiny hair.

The main advantage of this procedure is, of course, its instant result, for the long-term effect of “happiness for the hair” you still need to repeat 3-6 times.

How do "happiness"?

Of course, in order not to bother searching for the necessary cosmetics, as well as the principles of the procedure, it can be done in the salon, where you will be told and shown everything.

The only drawback of such a solution is the price, because the procedure is really not cheap, moreover, as we have said, for a long-term effect it needs to be fixed, and, therefore, to visit the salon at least 5-6 times. You can make it at home, the main thing is to follow the procedure.

  • First you need to wash your hair with a good deep-acting shampoo.
  • Further, the curls should be divided into medium strands, 8-10 pieces are enough.
  • We proceed to the first stage, during which four sera are used - С, N, P and Element Fix. Each is applied in turn in the order listed above with massaging movements: rub in the product particularly intensively in each strand. Each of the sera is responsible for its range of actions - hydration and preparation for the procedure, restoration, saturation and nutrition of hairs with vitamin formulas and proteins. The latter, Element Fix, is a fixative that fixes the action of the three previous sera.
  • At the second stage, two more sera are applied - Gum Lipid 1 and Gum Lipid, the sequence is preserved. They work on the appearance of curls, pressing the "scales", which makes them smooth, even and obedient.
  • Next, the effect needs to be fixed with the help of heat treatment: the last mask is heated in a heat bath, distributed over the hair and rubbed into the scalp, doing a light massage.
  • We wrap the hair in a towel, and right in it we begin to water the head well with warm water for about 10 minutes, which will contribute to fixing the effect.
  • We wash off and dry curls.

If we talk about real results, then they each have their own and depend on the degree of "neglect" of hair.But still, the effect of the application is substantial - the hair is better combed, becomes smooth, looks well-groomed and easy to style.

However, if you believe reviews of many girls who have already tried “happiness for hair” on themselves - it is difficult to call the effect long-term, instead of the promise of 3-4 weeks, usually lasts about a week. If you conduct a course of procedures, the result is, of course, more substantial, it restores and fills fine and lifeless curls well.

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