What is the shrinkage of a wooden house

Houses built of raw material are most susceptible to shrinkage, especially if not logs were used, but logs were used.
It must be remembered that the house shrinks during the whole year since the walls were erected, therefore it is rational to let the house stand empty during all 4 seasons. It is very important in the fall to assess the condition of the walls and the bearing rims, because if an undisturbed tree is caught, it will burst, reducing the carrying capacity of the wall.
Shrinkage is also due to the fact that even in the dried material there is a drawdown due to the impact on it of the gravity of the upper crown of the log house. If you built a house of dry material and did not cover it with an antiseptic, then the wood will absorb atmospheric moisture, swelling and drying, respectively.
However, the shrinkage of the building is not a fortune telling on the coffee grounds, it is quite possible to calculate it. For example, use a standard house with a height of 3 meters. Such a house, made of rounded logs, will give a draft of 7-10 cm per year, from a conventional log - up to 10 cm, and of a glued bar - 2 cm.
Chamber drying beads will “walk” in the range from 3 to 5 cm, and non-dried profiled - up to 6 cm.
The most minimal draft of a wooden house gives when it is built in winter. This is because under the action of frost moisture is frozen evenly. As a result, the house, which began to be built in November, will fully fit in by the summer, and then it will be possible to proceed to its interior decoration and installation of doors and windows without fear of deformation of the house. In addition, you need to take into account the fact that the price of materials and work in the winter period is cheaper than in summer.
To reduce the precipitation of the house after its construction, it is necessary during the construction period of the log and the timber to be laid tightly in relation to each other, so that there are as small gaps as possible between them. This will reduce both time and shrinkage at home.
When installing door and window openings, it must be remembered that in order not to jam windows and doors, it is necessary to leave a gap between the wall and the opening of about 3-5 cm.
At the beginning of construction it is better to use screw connections between logs or timber. It is also considered the best option log - crown Canadian cup. Using this option will allow you to reduce shrinkage at home and increase the efficiency of fastening the crowns.

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