What kind of tiles to choose for a bathroom?

Practice shows: in 9 bathrooms of 10 floors and walls are tiled. We can say that today the repair of bathrooms is difficult to imagine without this material.

The final result depends on the type, size and method of laying the tiles. It should be attractive in appearance, comfortable and easy to use and must meet the minimum safety requirements. Now on the market you can often find several types of tile materials for lining: Ceramic tile Market veteran - ceramic tiles or simple tiles. It has long been proven itself on the positive side, because its main advantages can be considered durability and quality. In addition, the kavel is produced in a wide color and texture range, which allows you to get fantastic results. Designers thanks to this can create various creative pictures that can take into account any taste wishes of the customer.The safety of movement provides anti-slip coating. Porcelain tile. Ceramic granite is a unique ceramic finishing material, which due to its resistance to abrasion, attractive appearance, durability, unique textures is often used in the repair of bathrooms. A few years ago, granite was exclusively technical material, but the variety of its finishes allowed it to become one of the most worthy materials on the market. Porcelain tile Bathroom renovation will become exclusive if you use porcelain tile. This finishing material is obtained through the special processing of white clay. Such a tile has many useful properties - heat resistance (the ability to withstand the effects of high temperatures for a long time), moisture resistance, strength and durability. Porcelain does not require careful maintenance - cleaning is easy and does not take much time. The price of porcelain tile is moderate, because of what it is widely used in houses, apartments and in finishing works in sports complexes and trade facilities.The most popular and winning color is white, however this circumstance does not oblige you to use it. Moreover, the assortment is quite large. Tiles made from natural materials Recently, facing with natural materials has been widely used. In the course - slate, marble, basalt, granite, limestone. The properties of these materials are transferred to the tile, so the distinctive features of such products are moisture resistance, heat resistance, durability, and many others. Terracotta tiles originally from Spain, France and Italy are not the last to deserve a place in the market due to their durability and European quality. Cork coating.

This veneer has high antistatic properties. A good option for finishing the floor. The amount of impurities in the cork material is minimal, which puts it in the first place in terms of environmental friendliness, but because of its hygroscopicity it is used very rarely in the repair of bathrooms.

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