What makes our image cheap?

Some of the fair sex in the pursuit of attractiveness complement their image is not entirely appropriate, and sometimes ridiculous elements. If you do not want to look ridiculous and cheap, find out what can play a cruel joke with you and spoil the overall impression.

So, the top of things that make images cheap:

  • The abundance of decor, especially sequins, glitter, artificial stones and rhinestones. All these elements do not make the image bright, but speak of bad taste and inappropriate youthful maximalism. Excessive luster is completely out of place in sportswear and casual wear. He may be present in evening dress, but in this case should be restrained and moderate.
  • A large number of complex things in the set. Every woman of fashion knows that only one bright accent should be present in the image, so if you combine a skirt with ruffles, a lace blouse with rhinestones and large jewelry, it may seem that all the best is worn at once, which definitely will not make you stylish and elegant.
  • Your appearance and impression of you can ruin uncomfortable shoes, for example, on tall thin heels or a huge platform. Such models may be suitable for stage images or thematic parties, but not for everyday life, official and social events. If you feel uncomfortable and constantly afraid to fall, it will make others sympathize and smile, but certainly will not cause delight. Choose more comfortable and feminine shoes.
  • Counterfeit branded items or, as they are called manufacturers, replicas. Yes, you can meet very skillful imitations, but this is rather an exception to the rules and a rarity. Most replicas present themselves as crooked seams, incorrectly recreated logos and other trifles, which upon closer examination are evident. If you want something beautiful, then buy something less famous brand, which will cost less, but it can be elegant and presentable.
  • Underwear for show is cheap and vulgar. Although many celebrities are not shy about translucent and extremely frank outfits, you should not follow their example, because they are public figures attracting attention.In ordinary everyday life, the visible panties or bra will be a symbol of swagger and cheapness, so you should avoid extremely translucent things, as well as skirts and pants with a very low waist, exposing everything that should remain hidden.
  • White shoes. It would seem, just shoes, just white. But the fact of the matter is that in most cases they look too simple. Such shoes are considered to be an integral wedding attribute, but lately even brides have been abandoning them. On a white background, all defects and contamination instantly become noticeable, which automatically makes the image inaccurate. If you really want to wear light-colored shoes, then choose elegant and feminine boats of nude hue, which remains in trend for several seasons in a row and has already become an unspoken indicator of impeccable style.
  • Unnatural, “acidic” and excessively bright colors also spoil the image. Yes, they attract attention, but very quickly get bored and begin to annoy. In addition, these tones are far from being common to everyone, and they also flaunt almost all the existing flaws: extra pounds, redness, pale skin, circles under the eyes, and so on."Acid" shades look ridiculous and extremely tasteless, so many designers have long abandoned them in favor of more natural, delicate and restrained colors that look much more harmonious and more attractive.
  • A large number of inexpensive jewelry. In general, the decorations should not be too much, so if the girl is literally hung with them, it will look ridiculous anyway. And if cheap jewelery is chosen, then this may remind a richly decorated Christmas tree. It should be limited to one or two decorations, and it is better to afford to get something worthwhile and beautiful.
  • Bright decorated tights, for example, with flashy and catchy patterns, glitter, rhinestones, golden or silver threads. Pantyhose is a minor accessory that must be discreet and fit perfectly into the image. If they stand out strongly, then all attention will be paid to them, the remaining components of the kit will go unnoticed and fade into the background. And the decorated panty hoses are considered a relic of the past and “greetings” from the “dashing 90s”. In addition, give out bad taste can be excessively tight body gum.
  • Substandard things and the inevitable defects appearing on them: inhaling, scuffing, pellets, sagging, and so on. Of course, not everyone can afford expensive products, but a decent quality is not always worth the fabulous money. In addition, some materials are particularly insidious, so they should, if possible, be abandoned or minimized. These include thin knitwear, lace, poor quality lace, some variants of knitting.
  • To spoil the image of a girl or a woman can also be the thing of the wrong size, both small and large.

If you refuse the listed things and create images correctly, you will become a real style icon!

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