What should be the search for relationships

What should be the search for relationshipsWhat should be the search for relationships? If Wendy would not meet with ordinary men, she would not have been able to come into contact with her own femininity. Who knows, perhaps trying to feel like a woman, Wendy would have resorted to plastic surgery. But she was helped by the experience of communicating with men who did not correspond to the ideal created by her. She found herself and found her half. It did not require any changes in appearance. Now Wendy is able to sincerely tell her lover that she feels like a real woman next to him. And she does not need him to be a mountain of muscles.


Enjoy your pastime.
What should be the search for relationships? Why do you go to a restaurant? Watching, you want to buy it? Or do you want to have dinner in a pleasant atmosphere? You can go on a date with a man and not think about romance. You can just have a good time.


If your romantic expectations are associated with a certain type of people, then next to the person corresponding to this type, you find it difficult to behave naturally. And with those who do not belong to your type, it is easier for you to be yourself.You communicate with a person and do not think about your own expectations. In addition, if the partner does not meet your ideal, you do not suffer from fear of rejection.


Serve another person and show love
The ability to interact with people without pulling the blanket over yourself is the main condition for a healthy relationship. Learn to listen to a partner.

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