What to give a guy for six months?

Igor Gorbatyuk
Igor Gorbatyuk
December 4, 2012
What to give a guy for six months?

Half a year is a term. Not every couple meets six months, someone breaks up after a month of relationship, and someone earlier. What to give a guy for six months? What gift can be considered truly original? How to make people not offended by receiving your gift?

And we begin our conversation with the last question. Keep in mind that if a guy loves you, then whatever you give him, he will accept this gift with joy, and he will be grateful to you for it. With this clear, now let's talk directly about the gifts. Let's throw aside banal shaving kits and deodorants (although this is also an option. The main thing is that the donated deodorant does not look like a hint of something ...). To give a gift should be based on the hobbies of a person. This is the golden rule, without exaggeration. If your boyfriend is fond of, for example, the modeling of armored vehicles of the second world war, then give him such a model or paint for her. Does your boyfriend read Stephen King? Give him a book by this author.Do you like the German band Rammstein? Buy and give the guy a licensed DVD disc with a concert of this group. I think the principle is clear. The only rule that should be followed: do not repeat! For six months of the relationship, you must have been with your boyfriend on a visit. And more than once. Before you buy a gift, ask for a visit and pay attention to his passion, as well as to specific things in the room, so as not to buy the same book (disc / model / cactus, etc.) that he already has.

In addition to the material gift, you can give your boyfriend a slightly different gift. Which will be doubly more pleasant than material. You can, say, cook a delicious dinner. After all, every woman today knows through which the path is laid to the heart of any man. Can't cook? Arrange your boyfriend an unforgettable night of love. Do whatever he wants. And do not be shy about your desires.

Here is another idea: today the so-called Chinese lanterns (balls) are fashionable. You have precisely seen such, a candle at their base is set on fire, and the lanterns launch into the sky, and they fly high to high. They are, by the way, not very expensive, so do not worry about it.You can buy such a ball, take your loved one to some poorly populated place (in the field, on the river bank, choose something most romantic) and launch this ball together, making a wish.

In addition, each of us appreciates very much handmade gifts. Whether it be at least a postcard made of colored paper or some kind of trinket for memory.

We really hope that now you know what to give a guy for six months. Term, in principle, is not so big, so it is not worth buying gifts that are too expensive. Better pay attention to intangible gifts.

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