Where in Moscow buy English spray roses?

History of English Roses

At the root of the creation of this type of beautiful garden flowers stood a typical English farmer David Austin, after whom these roses are often called “ostinovki”. Inspired by the pictures of old masters, he set out to get new varieties of roses, resembling these exquisite flowers outwardly, but having a strong aroma and blooming throughout the season. The main characteristic feature of the pier, in addition to the dizzying aroma, is the shape of the bud - cupped, rosette or pompon-like, as well as the color - amazing transitions of pastel shades.
The first copy, which gave rise to a whole series of English roses, was a tall bush, covered with huge buds with the smell of myrrh. And, although this variety, called “Constance Spry”, blooms only once, it still adorns flower gardens and is very popular all over the world. As a result of further breeding and interbreeding with modern varieties of roses, blooming repeatedly,Austin was able to achieve the task and get new varieties, characterized by unique beauty and disease resistance. As many as 12 varieties of this type of roses were awarded a kind of "quality mark" awarded by the British Royal Horticultural Society. Now many of these varieties can be purchased by Russian flower growers.

Where to get the "small house" in Moscow

English roses, supplied with a certificate confirming their high breeding qualities, you can buy in such Moscow stores as "Dubrava", "World of Hobbies", "Compound". The cost of one such seedling averages 750 rubles. In the pavilion "Floriculture" at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, there are also many small outlets where these seedlings are sold, there you can buy roses cheaper.
The Moscow region nurseries are also famous for their roses, for example, “The Harmony of the Garden”. This nursery is small, but the feedback on its products is very positive. You do not even need to go to this farm - they realize their roses through the site gsroses.ru. You can also buy English roses in a ground-covering roses nursery located near Moscow, specializing in their breeding. Roses grown in this nursery are characterized by an increased volume of the root system and are intended for creating landscape compositions. The nursery catalog can be viewed on the website www.rusroza.ru.
Under the conditions of Moscow and the Moscow region, experts recommend growing varieties such as Abraham Darby, Summer Song, Evelin, English Garden, Claire Austin, Leander, Fisherman’s Friend.

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