Where to go for the holiday of New 2016?

Where to go to New 2013? This question must be asked yourself now. Despite the fact that before this holiday is three months, you need to prepare now. After all, how to celebrate the New Year, so spend it. Therefore, you must always plan and prepare everything.

For some people, the New Year is a family holiday, and most importantly a home holiday. For them it is best to spend the holiday in their own home, in the circle of close friends and a dressed up Christmas tree. But there are those who need diversity in life. For such people, this article is written.

When the same thing happens in our life, we stop receiving positive emotions and enjoy life. If every year to celebrate the holiday in the same way, the holiday can turn into a normal routine.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you celebrate each New Year especially, for example, in different countries. Rest on the New 2013 must remember you for life.

In Finland

It so happened recently that there is no snow in this country for this holiday.The weather spoils all the fabulous winter mood, because the rain and the plus temperature are clearly not symbols of the great holiday.

If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of a real winter on New Year's Eve - go to Finland. For the local population of this country, Christmas and New Year holidays are the main ones of the year. Locals are getting ready for them in a few months.

Walking through the streets of cities in Finland, you will see millions of lights. They will be decorated houses, fences, trees. Also annually in Finland are New Year's carnivals.

You definitely need to go to Finland if you have small children. After all, this country is the birthplace of the great Santa Claus. You can give children a real fairy tale, believe me, they will remember it for a lifetime.

Adults will also be able to find entertainment: skiing, snowboarding, riding in sledding. In this country, excellent cuisine and restaurants. Tasty food can be for little money.

If you are not afraid to come home with a black eye, become participants in the snow battles. By the way in Finland operates a hotel made entirely of ice. This is an amazing sight.

In thailand

Lovers of warm and exotic countries for the holidays, you can go to Thailand. This country will surprise you with its cuisine, mentality, architecture. You will plunge into a completely different world. You can meet a holiday in a nightclub (which is very much in the country). In these institutions, theme parties are always held.

 New 2013 in Thailand

And you can celebrate a holiday on the ocean. This is an unforgettable sight. Of course, from the traditional attributes of the New Year, you will only have mandarins, champagne and rain, but they are enough for the New Year's mood.

To celebrate the New Year in Thailand, they are specially preparing unforgettable fire and pyrotechnic shows. In this country there is something to see and there is something to be surprised. The inhabitants of this country are so unique that sometimes it is not clear who is in front of you: a man or a woman. Do not be alarmed if you see an elephant or a tiger walking through the city.

New Year's tour to Thailand is better to book for 2 months, because later you just may not have enough vouchers. You will get a lot of unusual emotions, just be careful with the national cuisine. It is very unusual, you should not celebrate the New Year with food poisoning.

Are we flying to Egypt?

How nice to change the annoying cold to the warm weather. For those who want to find themselves in a sunny country, but do not want to end their lives with shocking trials, it is better to go to celebrate the New 2013 year in Egypt.

Sand instead of white snow for the New Year is an amazing sight. Egypt will allow you to celebrate the holiday in an unusual and tasteful way. Pyramids, architectural monuments, modern hotels and restaurants are completely at your disposal.

Celebrating a holiday in a chic outdoor pool is so beautiful. You can order delicious food in the restaurant, at 12.00, raise glasses with champagne, and then go for a night walk on a jeep or boat.

It is popular in the world to celebrate a wedding underwater, so why not meet the New Year among unusual underwater inhabitants. After such a trip you will have something to tell and show to your friends.

In the Czech Republic

If you decide to visit the Czech Republic for the new year, it is better to go to the capital. Holiday in Prague will surprise you with its richness. This country has something to please you. In the capital of the Czech Republic, it is customary for the entire city to shine with lights on a holiday. They decorate literally everyone ate in the city.

Residents of the country prepare festive concerts in advance. You can see the national color of the Czechs. Under the chiming clock, you'd better raise your glasses not with familiar champagne, but with fragrant mulled wine. In the Czech Republic it is especially tasty.

On a holiday in the Czech Republic, people walk all night until the morning. At the same time on the street you will not meet drunk and inadequate people. Police strictly monitor the order, because in such a holiday should reign only happiness and general merriment.

For a festive dinner, order national dishes. They will please you with their taste and aroma. And you can not leave the Czech Republic without having tasted their beer. Meet the New Year with a beer glass we have not taken, but for a change, you must do it.

By the way, you can meet the New Year in one of the resorts. There are many of them in this country. Each hotel tries to surprise its residents with themed parties. To celebrate the new year in the company of people who speak different languages ​​is insanely fun.

A trip to the Czech Republic will not devastate your wallet, but it will give you a lot of positive emotions.

Turkey is waiting for us

This country will combine the savings in money, wonderful emotions and a short time of flight.Turks are skeptical about the holidays of Europeans, but what they just are not ready to do in order to attract tourists.

In Turkey, you can celebrate a holiday aboard a luxury yacht, admiring the gorgeous view of Istanbul. In restaurants you will enjoy the service, the Turkish waiters are recognized as one of the best in the world.

For a holiday you will be served a terrific table, you will surely try many new and tasty dishes.


  • Decide on the state in which you go to celebrate the New Year, preferably in a couple of months.
  • In advance, book tickets and travel packages. Please note, the closer the holiday, the higher the price.
  • Think over your wardrobe, do not forget to take everything you need on the road.
  • Warn relatives and friends that you will not be at home on New Year's Eve. Imagine their faces when they come to congratulate you on a holiday, and eventually they see a closed door.
  • For a good holiday abroad for the New Year you should have enough money. Please note that in all countries for holidays, prices for all goods are rising.

Do not be afraid to experiment and get only vivid emotions from the holiday!

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