Why are beautiful women afraid?

Why are beautiful women afraid?

Why are beautiful women afraid?



Of course, you can not agree with this statement of the question. You can say that the beauty of such women is admired, that they are sung. But! .. With all their chanting, admiration and admiring, despite envy of them, not every man dares to say that he owns such a woman. It will seem strange, but beautiful women are mostly alone. Why are beautiful women afraid?

What is the reason? I think with the fact that a person instinctively looks for a simpler road. Considering that a special woman needs a special approach, a man instinctively pushes her off, simply because of his unwillingness to solve unnecessary tasks, believing that they will distract him from solving more pressing problems. Everybody knows perfectly well that a man is naturally lazy in the psychological sense. Often, a workaholic who stays at work all the time, or a business executive who spends all his free time, is unlikely to disperse his efforts to try to keep or conquer a beautiful woman. This is what awakens in him the fear of a beautiful woman.A man makes you tremble that he will fall in love with her, that then he will not be able to hold her. It is this reason that makes it preferable to see next to him an ordinary woman, from which breathes comfort, peace and predictability.


Why is a beautiful woman unhappy?



Why is a beautiful woman so often unhappy? Why do many beauties consider beauty a curse? It is because of the fear of men in front of them. Due to the fact that men consider such women inaccessible, strangers. After all, if you ruin, how can beauty be lonely? And yet it often happens that way. It is because of the desire of men to admire kraavitsa from the side, not trying to get it.


They admire beauty, admire beauty ... But very few find the strength and courage in themselves, and maybe in some desperation, in order to take a masterpiece, to conquer and keep it. Even being sure that the beauty is free, something makes men keep clear and watch from the sidelines. And this is something: the stereotype developed by an unsuccessful experience of communication with a beautiful woman that a woman is beautiful, means she is spoiled. It is believed that a beautiful woman will not accept a refusal to buy a beautiful and very expensive thing ... A man believes that such a woman should definitely be taken to expensive resorts,give expensive things, carry on expensive cars. The only thing that can be said here is that any woman, regardless of whether she is beautiful or not, will not give up luxury.

So what is the reason for the fear of beautiful women? After all, a man is afraid of even dating a beautiful woman. Perhaps this is because he does not consider it possible to waste his precious time in vain. Perhaps that is why he instinctively rejoices in the presence of the satellite in a beautiful woman. Indeed, in this situation it is not at all necessary for him to bow and kiss his hand, one should not be afraid to disappoint her, to seem untenable. You do not need to try to captivate her and awaken in her interest in your person. The presence of a companion in a beautiful woman will save a man from the humiliation of failure.


Fear of beautiful women.



Psychologists allowed to make a rating of fears of men for the psychologists conducted studies, the purpose of which was not to find out the reason for the man’s fear of beautiful women. Respondents were interviewed by researchers to find out what kind of woman they would not like to have as their companion. Paradoxically, the first place was taken by beautiful women.Then intelligent, and closed the top three physically strong women.

Continuing the research, it turned out that a man for a couple of minutes of communication with a beautiful woman loses his balance, feels anxiety and his own vulnerability. More than 70% of the respondents were subject to such changes.

It is believed that a beautiful woman must have a story of two hundred and a little love stories. But the man does not want to be five hundred and fifth in line. Any man wants to believe that he is the first, he wants to feel his uniqueness. In a beautiful lady does not leave this any chance. After all, looking at her, a man sees all of her former and, what is even more repulsive, future lovers. And whatever the woman says, whatever she does and no matter how she behaves, it is almost impossible to convince a man of the opposite.

A man will always be jealous of her past and future lovers. This will cause a man discomfort, and often, even mental distress. And not only will he spoil the nervous system, but his companion will not rest with jealousy. And life with such a man, as a rule, turns into a complete nightmare for a woman.A companion of life should carry comfort and coziness.


But, of course, you can not row all the men with the same comb, you can not judge them all the same. There are exceptions in this case.

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