Why do you need a condom on the ultrasound?

Condom as a means of protection for ultrasound

Transvaginal ultrasound examination of the female genital organs and transrectal examination of the intestine involves the introduction of a special sensor in the area under investigation. To facilitate this procedure and protect the patient from pathogens that could remain on the device after examining the previous patient, a special condom was invented.The use of a special condom has relieved the gynecologists of the site from disinfecting the sensor after examining each patient.
If you compare it with a regular condom, intended for sexual intercourse, you can find a few differences. The condom for ultrasound is made of thinner rubber, its size and shape exactly match the sensor, and there is no special cavity for collecting the semen.
Some women are frightened by such an approach to conducting a study, and they have a question whether it is possible to refuse transvaginal ultrasound.The fact is that such a technique provides a specialist with the opportunity to see the organs under study from the inside and give an accurate assessment of their condition. As a result, any pathological processes, even occurring at the earliest stages, will be identified in a timely manner. And for normal transabdominal ultrasound, some anatomical areas may remain inaccessible.To carry out transabdominal ultrasound, a condom is not needed - a specialist moves the sensor over the desired area of ​​the body, previously processed with a special gel.

Features of a condom designed for ultrasound

What kind of condom is needed for the study, I must say the doctor. Of course, you can bring a regular one, but it is better to buy a special one, since it has much more advantages:
- does not cause allergic reactions;
- does not require lubrication;
- fits the sensor tightly due to the absence of filler;
- does not distort the image thanks to ideally smooth surface.

Where to buy a condom for an ultrasound?

Condoms for ultrasound can be purchased at any pharmacy, it is only important when ordering to emphasize the purpose of the acquisition.At the same time, you should not worry about the fact that the pharmacist will not understand you - for him it is a regular product, and it is quickly sold. As for the price, it is slightly different from the cost of an ordinary condom.
If an ultrasound scan is planned in a private clinic, then you can not buy a condom. The doctor-diagnostician uses his own procedure for the procedure, the price of which is already included in the general estimate of the examination.

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