Why headache before, during or after sex?

The psychotherapist and writer Tatiana Ogneva-Salvoni talks about what this symptom signals and how to get rid of it.
Tatyana Ogneva-Salvoni

“Does her head really hurt?” - for some authors of men's portals, this is the main mystery of the century. In one article, a certain signore in a white robe, a haircut with a hedgehog, even offers to avenge her lover in the same way. Like, bring to a boil and at the most important moment to tell your beloved that he, such a beautiful sex giant, has a headache. Of course, this advice is very conducive to increasing sexual harmony in a pair (just kidding!)

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More serious doctors who study the problem of headache can tell a lot about the striated muscles, cerebrospinal fluid and the general clinical picture of migraine. Many, many fascinating words and terms can be found by reading scientific research, until you finally put the question squarely: “And what to do?”

- Uh ... Provide psychological comfort, - any doctor will say and send the patient to a psychologist (if no organic causes are found). Best case scenario. At the worst - chirps about “relax and massage”. Not bad either, but massage will not solve the problem. Well, at least, not that, because of which you have an intimate life does not go well ...

And the blame for everything ... I don’t know, is it possible to even intrigue or declare it straight in the forehead ?! The fact is that the main cause of headaches for women before, during, after and instead of sex (both true and “otmazochnyh” including) so much does not want to be detected that, having learned about it, most readers will turn on the protective mechanism of denial. This is the thing that women most do not want to see in themselves. Especially good women, charming, able to please others, and whom many want to be like.

The reason for this is anger! She is born in childhood, when a girl is first parents - mom and dad - hurt mentally or physically. To cope with pain, several mechanisms are provided in our body. The pain can live and cry-cry out, and you can drive it inside.Anger is the natural accompaniment of pain. Hitting a finger with a hammer, we automatically get angry at the hammer, although this is completely irrational.

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