Why why? Why does the child actually ask questions?

Sometimes it seems that the next “why” is a good time for the head to explode - after all, questions from a baby fly out like from a high-speed cornucopia. Everything is interesting for a small company. But questions are not always connected with curiosity. Let's talk about how to behave with curious kids.

Not what it seems

Very often, the baby asks a question when it is difficult to concentrate and give a decent answer. Especially if the answer must be formulated in a couple of simple sentences - after all, from lengthy explanations, it will become boring for him. And over how to reduce the essence, still need to think. But it is not always the peasant asking questions to get an answer to them. He is still a sly one, believe me.

how to answer children's questions
Before answering, the essence of the question still need to understand.
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Sometimes the baby comes to his mother, cleaning the apartment from boredom. Immediately begins a series of questions, each of the following "clings" to the previous one: "What are you doing?" - "My floors" - "Why do you wash the floors?" d.In the end, the mother breaks into a cry and drives the baby away.

The kid perfectly saw what mother does and most likely understands why it is needed. But he was bored, and he came to communicate. If there is no end to the questions, and the anger boils, try to defuse the situation. To the baby’s question, give a paradoxical answer: “I read a poem.” Most likely, the baby will be indignant with such an obvious "deception" and shout: "No, you wash your floors." Then you can laugh at the joke.

How to answer the difficult question

Sometimes difficulties with the answer arise because you do not understand the essence of the question. The baby is not yet able to formulate the question in the form that interests him. He may ask where the fairytale character lives, for example, the Firebird. When mother hardly explains to him the location of the kingdom of the far third, the child will stop her and say: “Everything is wrong, she lives in a nest.”

To understand what the baby wants to know, you need to be more attentive to him. Get children's encyclopedia, suitable for age. There are answers to some burning topics. However, the encyclopedia is also an adult's view.

To understand your child, you need to go back to your own childhood and look at the world with different eyes.

There is almost a win-win option - ask a counter question.“Daddy, what is this tree?” - “What do you think?” - “This is a forest tree. It is big. ”-“ You see, what a fine fellow you are, he himself thought and guessed. ”

Counter questions perform several functions:

  • allow you to "decipher" the question;
  • motivate the child to think;
  • give the baby a “taste of victory”.

By asking such questions, parents will learn to better understand the baby and will lay in it, in addition to curiosity, the ability to reason.

Often the questions of the kid are connected with the desire to communicate. Answering a question with a question, parents stimulate the cognitive abilities of the toddler.

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