Women's underwear: an overview of the current trends of the 2014-2015 season

This category of wardrobe is not as influenced by new ideas as others. It shows stability and commitment to several principles, in particular, sexuality and eroticism. But, all the same fashion leaves its mark here. The asceticism and stressed masculinity are leaving in the past, they were replaced by tenderness and femininity.

About colors and fabrics

White, and its soft shades, milky, amine-colored, powdery and pastilles pastel, at the height of fashion trends. This scale falls perfectly into the main idea - to give a feeling of tenderness, to emphasize natural grace and to express peace.

In the trend, the nobility is saturated blue and red. Those shades of these colors are popular, which is not closely related to flashy vulgarity. As always, black, full-weight, coal remains relevant.

Silk, satin, fine lace - signs of expensive high-quality and fashionable linen. These materials are pleasant to the body, they fit perfectly on the curves of the figure.Of them sew and accessories for sleep. Nightgowns and women's pajamas in Novosibirsk from these fabrics are always in demand among women of any age.

Features of the latest collections

The favorite for creating models for designers was lace. Thin, tender, semi-transparent and it looks incredibly elegant, emphasizes fragility and sexuality. It is not only an element of decor, it is used to sew original bras of a wipe type, slightly sentimental and touching.

The tattoo effect came to the fore and became one of the main trends in underwear models. Prints on translucent fabrics that imitate henna patterns on the body, patterns consisting of thin scratches and dots on the straps or other details made of flesh-colored fabrics are amazing in elegance.

Sexuality and playfulness are also in high esteem. The vogue combinations of different lengths, both short and classic, have become firmly fashioned. The glamor and chic of erotic accessories are gaining more and more popularity. Corsets, eye masks, collars, garters, belts for stockings and the like find their owners who want to emphasize their own sensuality and sexuality.

Ladies want to be beautiful always.You should not forget about it, forming the assortment of a store or outlet. If an entrepreneur has planned to buy women's dressing gowns in bulk, to buy a batch of underwear or nightgowns, he should understand that the choice of his customers will be based not only on practicality and convenience of the goods he offers.

The desire to conquer the male heart through clothing, even everyday and banal, an integral part of female behavior. Therefore bows, flounces and ryushech, lace inserts and flirty prints, original colors and flowing fabrics will always be in fashion.

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