Wooden candlesticks Puzzles

We make theWooden candlesticks puzzlefrom the slats. The candlestick details of this puzzle can be used individually or they can be put together to decorate a table, for example, for a romantic evening. The candlestick looks great, and making it will not take you much time.

Materials and tools:

  1. pattern (below there is a svg file at a scale of 1: 1);
  2. wooden batten 90x250 mm and at least 5 mm thick;
  3. glue on wood;
  4. clamp;
  5. sandpaper 80, 100, 150, 220, 280, 320;
  6. varnish.

Step 1

For a master class it is better to use a rail from different wood species.

We take the rail, if the rail is 90 mm wide, then we saw off a long 250 mm and skip this step. If less, then we saw off two slats of a length of 250 mm and glue them so that it is better to glue them together and clamp the slats with clamps.

A single piece of a puzzle measuring 90x250 mm makes one piece of the puzzle. It takes 4 of these slats.

Step 2

Download the svg template (1: 1 scale).Then either we cut out the parts ourselves, but it’s better to order cutting out on a special machine.

We transfer the template to the rail and cut it out. It turned out two parts for one puzzle. In one of them we drill a through hole (see pattern).

Likewise, we make 6 more details for the other 3-hour puzzles.

Step 3

We process all the details with sandpaper and remove dust.

We take two parts for one puzzle and glue them together, for a time of drying we fix them with clamps.

Similarly, we glue the remaining three pieces of the puzzle.

After the glue dries, we try on the puzzle, putting the puzzle pieces together, see the photo Step 3.2.

Finally, we grind everything with fine sandpaper and varnish it.

Allcollapsible wooden candlestick puzzleis ready.

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