Your "help" in winter - a knitted warm dress

With the onset of cold weather, it is necessary to warm up as much as possible, putting on knitted sweaters, bulky coats and fur coats, heavy boots, etc. Thus, little by little, knitted warm clothes that save fashionistas in the winter cold came into fashion. Especially relevant today are clothes with knitted lace, which in itself is so attractive that it does not even require accessories.

With what to wear such sets, so as not to look like a shapeless wrapped lady?

  • Wear a long-sleeved sweater with thick tights, leggings or tight jeans. If you want to emphasize the waist wear a wide belt. Ankle boots, boots, massive boots, uggs, depending on the desired look are among the suitable shoes.
  • High-class socks "fit" to warmed-up styles
  • Recommended models for low girls - tight, without any voluminous details. Do not wear loose, baggy outfits.Prefer round cut, vertical stripes and asymmetrical patterns.
  • Complement your vestments with party shoes with heeled boots and a clutch.
  • Evening knitted models combine with a shawl, bolero, lace gloves
  • Emphasize breasts with a V-neck dress, but if you want to wear these clothes to work, you better combine them with a turtleneck.
  • A knitted sundress over a shirt or golfiki is an excellent option for the office.
  • Jackets and cardigans are also appropriate for knitted clothing
  • A small bust may be visually enlarged to fit with inserts and frills at the chest.
  • Shoes are more likely to remain on the heel, yet we are dealing with a dress, though knitted.
  • Fur boas and boleros have returned to fashion, which will perfectly complement any warm toilet and create a retro image of the 20s.

Knitted outfit - your magic wand in the winter. This attractive, feminine, comfortable and warm piece of clothing will become an indispensable thing in everyday life. In addition, by combining one set with different shoes and accessories, you get completely different images, suitable for both work and for a romantic date.

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