Youth Passport Covers

Modern girls always choose very exclusive and unique things, strive to be the most beautiful and unique, stand out from each other. And the choice of wardrobe, and also the selection of various accessories to them is a whole story. Therefore, in order not to break your head for a long time, every girl can show a little imagination and create something herself. Very good for creating the right and original items with their own hands is the technique of scrapbooking. A good and rich choice of products for scrapbooking and your additional smartness and imagination and you can create, for example, such necessary things as covers for a passport. So, today we will make such youth passport covers, and we will need the following materials, accessories and tools: • Pastel paper in the color of wet asphalt, we will need an album sheet; • Two pieces of paper for scrapbooking, we take paper size of 15 * 15 cm and covered with glitter; • Two pictures with fashionable girls; • Two transparent passport covers; • Beige and light brown rep ribbons,width of both ribbons 0.6 cm; • Beige lace; • Acrylic stamp “Passport” and two ink pads, one black and the other gold; • A small piece of watercolor paper or thick cardboard;• Four metal corners: two silver and two bronze; • Metal pendant with a girl; • Peach-colored pearl beads; • Needle thread; • • Glue gun; • • Ruler; • Scissors; • Pencil; • Sewing machine.  accessories and tools
We attach the passport in the unfolded form to the sheet of pastel paper and, making small reserves of 2-3 mm on each side, we cut out two bases under the covers. We get two bases of 12.6 by 18 cm.
 attach passport
 Get two basics
Divide in half and fold.
Divide in half
 add up
Now from the scrapbook we are preparing the top cover design. Cut out from each sheetalong the rectangle 8.5 * 12 cm, and from the remaining pieces we also form rectangles so that they also turn out at 8.5 * 12 cm. We glue the fragments with double-sided tape. To the pictures below we apply ribbons and lace, cut off, wrapped and glued on the back side.
from scrapbooking we are preparing a decoration
 form rectangles
On a cardboard we stamp with black ink" Passport ", cut out two inscriptions edges are rounded and toned with gold.
 stamp with ink
 cut out two inscriptions
On a sewing machine sew glued rectangles from scrapbooking and ribbons and lace to the pictures.
 sew glued rectangles
 from scrapbook and ribbons
Pictures glue on solid blanks and Shivaem on a circle every picture.
sew on circle
With double-sided tape we glue blanks on the basis of covers.
Double-sided scotch
 glue blanks
We sew front and back covers separately. It remains to stick the decor and decorations. First we glue the metal corners in pairs on each of the covers with a glue gun, then half beads, on one we sew a metal pendant and at the bottom we glue the inscriptions “Passport”.

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